Delivery Solutions for your Year-End Tax Forms

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We’ll handle the end-to-end delivery of your 1099, 1098 and W2 tax forms – either online and electronic, traditional mail or a combination of both – while adhering to all security and compliance regulations.

End-to-End Delivery Solutions for IRS Forms

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Who Can We help?

Small to medium-sized organizations Large organizations sending more
than 2,000 forms annually

What we do...

  • Gather permissions from each individual to distribute forms electronically
  • Deliver tax forms electronically to all who opted in (for those that did not opt in to electronic delivery, we will mail their forms)
  • We will handle both online and offline delivery of all documents
  • You will receive your copies back for filing. Everything else will be handled by us!
  • Everything is handled from a secure, compliant tracking and reporting dashboard

Future Is Now

The turn of the century has come and gone, and while we still haven’t seen any flying cars or robot butlers, rapid improvements in technology have still improved almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, tax form presentment and delivery methods have done everything possible to resist this change, refusing to adapt to available time and energy saving technologies and leaving us with a process decades behind our needs.

Paper to digital

InSource Solutions Group has done what some consider to be impossible by finally modernizing and simplifying the presentment and delivery of tax forms such as W-2, 1099, and 1098. Our paper-free tool seamlessly handles the presentment and delivery of these forms, reducing the time it takes while making your costs drop like a stone.

Time Is Money

Using more traditional (read as: obsolete) methods, sending 1099s out to contractors for your business is a very hands-on and, in our opinion, needlessly complicated process. When coupled with the need to continually manage and update all required information, handling these forms can quickly become a near-unbearable chore that just never seems to end. In comparison, InSource tools make getting things done fast, simple and more-or-less completely automatic.

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